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Colors of Ibiza


Welcome to Ibizamotion

Ibizamotion is my life, my love, and my label. As a songwriter, producer, and drummer, I’ve turned my passion into the ultimate dream here by creating Ibizamotion. The inspiration behind the label is fueled by the beauty of Ibiza, its stunning sunsets, and lively club scene. I’ve run my own recording studio here for years, and the influence of Ibiza flows freely through my music productions.Here at Ibizamotion, I work to create music that stretches across genres. I’ve got something for everybody. I’m working with other artists – writing, composing, and remixing – all while staying connected to the current trends in music charts. And I’m always open to more collaboration with anybody.

Ibizamotion makes happy music, and happy music makes happy people. That’s what I do!

Carsten Gronholz


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  • Ibiza
  • info@carstengronholz.com
  • www.ibizamotion.de

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