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Did you know that  IBIZAMOTION appears on more than a 150 Compilations?

Mixing & Mastering Service

Mixing and mastering are two different components but similarly, important parts in the sound  creation, that can frequently   end up plainly obscured and difficult to differentiate between.

Professional mixing and mastering includes things like correctly applying compression, eq,  reverb, delay, and panning to your vocal and instrument tracks.

Mastering includes applying high-quality limiters, dynamic and analog compression as well as harmonic exciters to the final mix


If you don't always want the usual, then you've come to the right place. ibizamotion has been rocking the dance floors in over 20 countries worldwide for a decade, gracing the decks of major fashion and sporting events, product launches, award ceremonies, film premieres, club parties, concerts and much more. From the legendary sound of the famous Cafe del Mar to the hottest tracks of Ibiza's legendary club scene. ibizamotion is a firm favorite on the party scene, and provides the perfect, bespoke soundtrack for the world's hottest events.

Mixes for your Event

Best of House

Oh, and a fair bit of disco too.

Dance Chart toppers aplenty

Funky Weekend

My Story


Ibizamotion is my life, my love and my label. As a songwriter, producer, singer and drummer and DJ, I`ve turned my passion into the ultimate dream here by creating Ibizamotion.The inspiration behind the label is fueled by the beauty of Ibiza. The breathtaking sunsets,the people, the lovely club scene and many more things to discover. I`ve run my own recording studio  for years, and the influence of Ibiza flows freely through my music productions at Ibizamotion. I work to create music that stretches across  Genres. I`ve got something for everybody, working with other artists-writng-composing and remixing-all while staying connected to the current trends in music charts. And I`m always open to more collaboration with anybody

Ibizamotion makes happy music- and happy music makes happy people.

That`s what I do


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